First of the Series!

I am currently working a small project, that’s not so small. A free online training series teaching filmmaking! The basics to the advanced stuff. How things are down and why! The first video will be up this upcoming week, look for it as soon as Saturday.   I’d also like to announce a great and … Continue reading


Hey everyone! We have a new author! Nathan is a Filmmaking Fanatic and loves Christopher Nolan’s films! We’ll add more about him later on the ABOUT page. He is going to be writing his opinions about Films, and much more to come! Keep a look out and give him a warm welcome to the Unbound … Continue reading

New Particle Video and Upcoming Video Content

Hey guys! My Jet video has taken over a week and a half to render the 3D so I figured I’d take a break tonight to work on a particle video again! This looks a little like my other videos, but I believe this is the best yet! Let me know what you think! I’m … Continue reading

Latest video..

It’s taken about 8 days to just render the 3D elements. I believe this is due to the fact that I chose to render in SUPER HIGH quality.. Stupid idea I realize now because of the fact that my renders are going to get butchered in after effects due to haze/depth treatment.. I’m still working … Continue reading

Tutorial: After Effects Basic Overview by Sam Welker

Hey guys! I’m back with another tutorial! This covers the basic layout of the main interface of after effects! This should be the start of a whole, online, free training series 😀 Leave your feedback in the subscription box below. Subscribe on youtube! Subscribe to the blog via RSS or eMail! 😀 Thanks! More to … Continue reading