Effects tests again!

Okay guys. I know I’ve put up TONS of Video effects tests, but here’s some good news! I have several upcoming projects, two of which include youtube videos with my friends. We have good actors who like to make films. The first project should be live this saturday! It will come with a behind the scenes. The second project is just starting. It is a short film. Maybe 2 minutes. maybe 13. I’m not sure yet. But this is all happening now and will be something great to look forward to!


With out further more ranting, here’s the two video tests I did!!

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I also plan to do more video tests and I have a tutorial I will try to put up VERY soon! The only dilemma is my current tests lack story line/reason. I will work hard to make the future videos better with purpose!

Thanks for watching and share with your friends!

Hope to see you soon
Sam Welker

2 Responses to “Effects tests again!”
  1. John Kyle Sutton says:

    How about a special effects scene for ALL NIGHT?

    • SamWelkerTV says:

      Thats going to be thursday or friday. I have that on my agenda for this week. By the way, i learned enough this month to possibly double my ability in VFX. Very excited to make some new things and clean up for the movie! 😀

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