New Particle Video and Upcoming Video Content

Hey guys!

My Jet video has taken over a week and a half to render the 3D so I figured I’d take a break tonight to work on a particle video again! This looks a little like my other videos, but I believe this is the best yet! Let me know what you think!

I’m prepared to do a tutorial. Please let me know if you would like one.

I will be bringing several videos out in the month of november.

The Jet video (3rd or 4th one I’ve made.. The last one for a while)


Magic Horn particle tutorial.

Jet flyby Tutorial

Motion Tracking tutorial

Anything you’d like to see make sure to let me know.

either email me at , comment below on youtube or on this blog post, tweet me @samwelkertv, or PM me on Youtube!

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Sam Welker!

6 Responses to “New Particle Video and Upcoming Video Content”
  1. RisingPixels says:

    Looks great. Looking forward to your tutorials!

    • SamWelkerTV says:

      Thanks! I’ll be making atleast one this next week! Hope I can make a great tutorial for you guys! Also leave comments on what types of TUTS your interested in!
      Thanks! 😀
      Sam Welker

  2. AJ says:

    a week and a half to render… wow… you should look more into pyrocluster.

    • SamWelkerTV says:

      I’ve used pyroclusters.. they turn up the render time.. It’s not pretty. My computer is pretty slow when I render those things sometimes.

      • AJ says:

        Have you turned up the world step size in the pyrocluster volume tracer? turn it up to around 25 and see what that does for you, you loose some quality, but it is minute. Depending on how many thinking particles are in your scene, it should take no longer that 5 minutes to render a frame, if it is then your settings are off.

    • SamWelkerTV says:

      I’ll give it a shot! Thanks! I’d love to see your work too! Shoot me a link:)

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