Happy November!

Hope everyone had a great halloween! Now its november and I have some stuff in store for you! Most of which I’ve already listed off before has changed. I will still be doing free training, but I am going to be doing most of the tutorials through Creating Film (A website for filmmakers). I will continuously post my content on this blog. I will also take the posts from Creating film and post them here as copies. Make sure to keep visiting this site because it will have exclusive content for the time being! Creating Film has great content right now so go head over and see what you can learn! They also have a Stock Music pack you can purchase for $99, but it’s easily worth $500. The quality is incredible!


Thanks for visiting and expect some great new content coming here soon!


Also check out http://www.creatingfilm.com/ (soon to have a HUGE update. Shh.. You didn’t hear it from me)

Sam Welker


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