Creating Film

Have you checked out Creating Film yet? Make sure to click the link below and go check out all the great content! And in the next few weeks be on the look out for some amazing new content!! 😀 Hope you all liked it! Make sure to click the link! CREATING FILM LINK Thanks -Sam … Continue reading

On my way to fame!

Kind of exaggerated title.. where I’m coming from is I have 92 subscribers on youtube.. Not tons.. but its progress.. I need 8 more till i reach 100. My first triple digit number! I am currently making some videos for this week and next week. I also have a big ‘hush hush’ project (or two) … Continue reading


I now have Mac OSX running on my Laptop again. I am installing Cinema 4D and Autodesk Maya. I finished installing Adobe CS4. I will install zBrush and Microsoft office later. For all you users of mac’s out there, what should I install as a filmmaker? CELTX is definitely going to be on in a … Continue reading

Particle Inspiration!

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna link you up with some inspirational particles on youtube! Check out my playlist I put together. A few videos aren’t particle work, thought they were at the time, but I don’t know which ones they are right now. I’ll have to go through later. Anyways today’s filmmaking link up is … Continue reading

Promoting myself as a Studio

I am currently starting a project that holds my other projects in an organized name basis. I’m not 100% sure that I’ll stick with this studio name just yet, however odds are I will. It all depends on if it is taken yet or not. Anyways Unbound Studios and LOC Films have come together (in … Continue reading