New youtube video!

Hey guys! Check out my latest youtube video! What’d you think? make sure to let me know by leaving a comment anywhere this is posted: Youtube Creating Film Unbound Studio Thanks! Sam Welker Advertisements

Youtube Video!

Check out my latest youtube video!!! 😀 Hope you liked it! Leave some feedback! Thanks! Sam Welker

Creating Film©

Creating Film© is now live! Check it out here: This site is a social network and is here to help you! Make sure to check it out! Thanks! Sam Welker

Thinking Particle Video

Here’s a link to the video! ::LINK:: Wish it could have been embeded but normal wordpress won’t do that with Vimeo. :p Sam

First of the Series!

I am currently working a small project, that’s not so small. A free online training series teaching filmmaking! The basics to the advanced stuff. How things are down and why! The first video will be up this upcoming week, look for it as soon as Saturday.   I’d also like to announce a great and … Continue reading