For my videos I use many different techniques and programs.


Here’s a quick list and a walkthrough of my programs then production process:



(In order from left to right of my Dock on my mac)

Maxon Cinema 4D

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Match Mover

Pixologic Zbrush

Adobe Photoshop Extended

Adobe After Effects

Mocha (For AfterEffects)

Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe Bridge

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple DVD Studio Pro

Apple Color

Apple Compressor (Sometimes)

Apple Soundtrack Pro

Celtx (script writing software! Open source program for download here)

Apple Garageband


Production Process::

(Process 1)

Part 1: Improv pre production through filming

Part 2: Edit to look good as best as possible

Note: Does not end well usually! Improv alone will not suffice for good content!

(Process 2)

Part 1: Get a story idea with good structure

Part 2: Write the script

Part 3: Story Board

Part 4: Rehearse/Practice

Part 5: Film

Part 6: Sequence

Part 7: Video Effects

Part 8: Color correct/Grade

Part 9: Export/Compress

Part 10: Distribute (upload to youtube usually)


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