I made a game with a program called Unity3D today. Very fun to do and quite challenging. The point of the game is simple. Win. That’s the only thing. Click the link to play! Here’s a Screenshot! Advertisements

Cinema 4D Thinking Particles

I’ve given a shot at Thinking particles today before work and I like the stuff. It takes longer to set up than an emitter and gave me the exact same outcome, but I still like it more. I know it’s far more powerful than an emitter. I’ll be learning some more intense stuff with Xpresso … Continue reading

Promoting myself as a Studio

I am currently starting a project that holds my other projects in an organized name basis. I’m not 100% sure that I’ll stick with this studio name just yet, however odds are I will. It all depends on if it is taken yet or not. Anyways Unbound Studios and LOC Films have come together (in … Continue reading